Gilchrist & Soames UK Limited

Rebecca Taylor (Taylor Made HR Solutions) has consulted for Gilchrist & Soames UK Limited for almost 10 years.

During that time she has represented the HR function at the most senior level including dealing with such matters as policy documentation (including a review and creation of all new HR policies), contractual reviews, payroll, mediation in the workplace, disciplinary procedures, restructuring, recruitment, redundancy and, of course, ensuring the company is always fully up to date in adhering to latest Employment Law legislation.

Rebecca provides a highly professional, no nonsense, hands on solution to any situation presented to her. Her willingness to listen with an understanding ear and offer practical advice, has made her greatly valued and respected by the entire workforce.

Additionally, Rebecca’s extensive knowledge of organisational management issues, make her a key part of the senior management team, for all strategic and operational requirements of the business.

I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Rebecca as the highest calibre HR professional.

Graham Shaw
Managing Director

I have had the pleasure of knowing Rebecca for four years and during that time she has supported our company through numerous HR related matters ranging from the ‘complex, confidential and sensitive’ to the ‘mundane but mandatory!’.  Without exception, Rebecca maintains a balanced professional view of matters and always sees things through to the conclusion.  I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Rebecca and would be happy to chat with any potential clients seeking a reference.

Emma Johnstone
Vice President, Sales & Marketing EMEA