Taylor Made HR Solutions provides bespoke Human Resource solutions for organisations: anything from an individual employee issue through to strategic people led initiatives – and all the bits in between!

Our practical and professional solutions provide cost effective HR services. We provide our services to:

clients who do not have the resources for an in-house HR professional

support an existing HR function during busy periods, when a spare pair of hands is needed

coach or mentor existing HR team members

contribute HR input at a senior level as part of a corporate management team

implement and deliver specific HR led projects and programmes

We provide telephone, email and on-site support for clients seeking advice in relation to employees, business challenges or change affecting their team. We work in a number of ways to suit a variety of client needs:

  • Retainer:  where retained HR support is readily available and can be allocated to an organisation’s real time needs
  • Ad hoc: one off issues that may need resolving, such as support through a disciplinary process
  • Project:  work to cover a fixed programme or initiative, such as implementing new terms and conditions

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